Two Sides


The Mob Museum



THE MOB MUSEUM, NATIONAL MUSEUM OF ORGANIZED CRIME AND LAW ENFORCEMENT, grand opened in Las Vegas February 14, 2012. We were lucky enough to be brought on board to help build the brand, create some buzz and attract visitors from around the country. Sounds like a fun job (no pun intended), right? After all, who isn’t fascinated by this subject? We’re a company full of fans of The Godfather and The Sopranos.

Well, that’s the sensationalized version of the story. The truly fascinating part of branding The Mob Museum is that from the beginning it’s been dedicated to exploring both the law enforcement side and the organized crime side of the story. That’s what was so gripping to us. This museum was going to be in one of the few historically preserved buildings in Las Vegas, the former federal courthouse and U.S. Post Office. A building where actual hearings about the mob were held in the 1950s. That meant this was going to be a legitimate museum that took people through an authentic exploration of the epic battle between organized crime and law enforcement. In a city filled with facades, we knew this would be a very special place to visit.

We would need to make sure we communicated the fact that this was a truly legitmate, official, reputable museum, where the only sensationalism is the truth. This was especially important due to the opening of The Mob Experience in 2011 at the Tropicana. It felt like the opposite of authentic, so we knew without a doubt which direction we needed to go. That’s why we used language associated with the law in our messaging. We felt like that added intrigue and credibility to the story the museum was telling. As you’ll see below, we also chose to go with black and white imagery, despite the fact that it’s a modern museum, because we felt it added a sense of history and credibility, much like the building itself. Not to mention, in Las Vegas, black and white imagery is arresting and attention grabbing next to the cluttery neon glitz and glam. You’ll see that we created simple imagery that tells the riveting story  of The Mob Museum in a few moments. After all, the story is why people will go.