The Best Medicine





How can sun salutations and wiener dogs keep you healthy? Renown Health set out to show our region exactly that.

Over the past few years, the healthcare industry experienced a major shift. It moved from “volume to value,” where the healthcare marketplace was being redesigned from a provider-centered model to one that is more coordinated and focused on putting the patient first. Rather than seeing more heads in beds, Renown Health wanted to move toward keeping people healthy and out of the hospital. Preventive care starts with the way we balance our lives on a daily basis.

Renown Health was at the forefront of this shift by continually offering its patients, and others in the community, tips on how to live a healthier, more balanced lifestyle in order to prevent illness and disease.

The Glenn Group was tasked with creating a community-wide campaign showcasing the non-traditional ways people can do little things to improve their health and wellness. Everything from a belly laugh to a snow angel to eating asparagus or a morning walk with a loved one, which can lead to a healthier body and mind, and a longer, richer life.

All traffic was pushed to a microsite,, where people could sign up for a weekly e-newsletter filled with healthy recipes, exercise tips, inspiring patient stories and other resources to promote a healthier, preventive lifestyle. Since the campaign launched in March 2014, there has been a steady increase in e-newsletter subscribers and over 600,000 people each year have visited the website for more information.