Nevada Commission on Tourism



NEVADA HAS LONG BEEN KNOWN FOR PRETTY MUCH TWO THINGS (well, maybe three, but we don’t need to get into the third here). It’s known for 1) the gaming glitz of Las Vegas and 2) brown and barren desert. Our challenge was to change that misperception and bring tourists to Nevada to explore and enjoy the areas of Nevada they never knew existed. The problem at the time was that all 11 Western states were running outdoor adventure campaigns, so you could literally take the logo from Oregon’s ads and put it on Idaho’s, and you wouldn’t know the difference. We needed to differentiate Nevada’s communications in a bold way that would instantly set the state apart in a variety of media.

Sometimes you just gotta use a stereotype to lose a stereotype. If people refused to believe there was anything more to Nevada than Las Vegas, Las Vegas is exactly what we would show them. As you’ll see below, we used famous Vegas icons like Wayne Newton, Elvis impersonators, showgirls and the Blue Man Group juxtaposed against stunning and surprising Nevada terrain. The quirky, straightforward tone of the message personified Nevada, and the arresting visuals grabbed adventurers by their backpack straps and got their attention, so we could invite them to order or download a free Nevada Adventure Guide. The adventure guide and the website were where we could really tell the Nevada story and appeal to the emotions, curiosity and ambition of the outdoor adventure traveler.