CAPRIOTTI’S SANDWICHES ARE DELICIOUS. If you don’t agree with that statement, you should probably stop reading right now. In fact, go ahead and leave the site–you’re officially dismissed. Since we’re pretty confident the only person who disagrees with that statement is some guy somewhere in Canada who probably lost his sense of taste 20 years ago in a freak summertime badminton accident, we’re feeling good that you’re still reading. The point is that Capriotti’s fans are ferocious, fanatical, fierce and fiery defenders and lovers of the Capriotti’s brand. They’re about as passionate about a brand as is humanly possible. You’d actually think these sandwiches threw Super Bowl-winning passes or played monster guitar riffs like some sort of Hendrix/Van Halen hybrid.

This is probably because Capriotti’s has literally been redefining the sandwich since 1976. They’ve put combinations together on a roll that blow minds and tantalize taste buds. Sandwiches with special names like The Bobbie and Capastrami. Sandwiches that actually cause flavor phenomenons, like involuntary smiling and nodding while chewing and the inability to stray from the first Capriotti’s sandwich you ever try.

So, how do you define a brand that has defined damn good for so long? We had to actually define the brand–with their very own vocabulary (VoCAPulary). We decided to build on the lexicon they already started with their fun sandwich monikers. We wanted Capriotti’s fans to say “Word,” and we wanted those unlucky souls who haven’t tried these sandwiches to see the CAPassion and fervor for Capriotti’s that’s out there and say, “Oh, my. I do believe I need to try one of those fancy sandwiches.” So that’s what we did with this integrated campaign, which started with television, made its way to Facebook and ended in wedded bliss on the Las Vegas Strip.

The Facebook campaign was executed through a special application that allowed people to stream the television spots off of YouTube, vote on their favorites and submit their own voCAPulary word and definition for a chance to win free sandwiches for a year. We literally got hundreds and hundreds of voCAPulary submissions. The fans loved it. And one very special fan, who came up with the roboCAP (the future of slaw enforcement), won free sandwiches for a year.

We hadn’t quite tested the loyalty (i.e., insanity) of the Capriotti’s fans enough, so we decided to take it to a different level. Like Pee Wee Herman said, “If you love it, why don’t you marry it?” Good question. That’s exactly why we asked fans to come down to The Little White Wedding Chapel on the Las Vegas Strip and Marry A Bobbie. If they did, they got a free Bobbie, a marriage certificate and fans who were dressed up in a costume got a chance to win free sandwiches for a year. We streamed all the marriages, which were performed by an actual minister, live on the web, and over 200 hundred fans showed up in costume to tie the knot with a sandwich. By the time hundreds of these marriages were consumated, we had garnered millions and millions of impressions for Capriotti’s through various local and national new outlets.